About Us

Snowmobile Scout’s mission is to make snowmobiling accessible to everyone. We want to educate everyone on how fun and safe snowmobiling is and break down all the barriers to entry.

Snowmobile Scout is the online community for snowmobiling. Our community helps and supports newcomers and seasoned professionals. Snowmobile Scout will offer the ability to find snowmobile resources like snowmobile trails, service centers, and storage, all near your location.


We believe snowmobiling is best as a shared experience. The more people get on the trails, the better for the activity. We want to increase awareness of undiscovered areas, snowmobile safety, and snowmobiling etiquette.

Our directory resources rely on snowmobilers like you to help maintain the information. Directory resources can be contributed to by anyone, and we encourage as many people as possible to take part.

The Team

Snowmobile Scout is created and maintained by real snowmobilers. Each team member has a different experience in snowmobiling and allows us to write about a wide range of topics, ranging from Trail Sleds to Snow Bikes.

Keeping our educational content accurate and up to date is important to us. If you find inaccurate information on one of our resources, please contact us.