How much does a Snowmobile Weigh?

Man digging out Stuck Snowmobile

Growing up, I spent a lot of time snowmobiling on unmarked trails in the woods. Getting stuck was all too common, so I always used a lighter snowmobile. It was easier to get a Yamaha Bravo unstuck than a Ski-Doo Touring LE. 

Snowmobiles have no standard or fixed weight. However, similar types of snowmobiles tend to fall in the same weight range. The average modern snowmobile weighs 562 lbs. Most modern snowmobiles fall within the 465 lbs to 665 lbs range, depending on the type.

Average Snowmobile Weight for Snowmobile Models and Types

The type of Snowmobile you have will factor most into each weight. Trail sleds are often the heaviest but provide the smoothest ride. 4-stroke engines are much heavier than their older two-stroke engines. There are six main types of snowmobiles. 

Dry Weight vs. Wet Weight: For the remainder of the article, we will be referring to dry weight. Wet Weight refers to the snowmobile being full of gasoline, and dry weight refers to the snowmobile being empty of any gasoline, gear, or belongings.

How Much a Trail Snowmobile Weighs

Trail snowmobiles are inexpensive, easy-to-drive snowmobiles ideal for new and recreational riding. Trail snowmobiles are versatile. They combine good handling, speed, and comfort. They also stand out for having a simple design and being lightweight. Generally, Trail snowmobiles weigh between 210kg and 216kg. Here are some top 2021 trail snowmobiles today and their respective weight.

  • 2021 Ski-Doo MXZ-X 600 has a dry weight of 216 KG OR 476 LBS
  • 2021 Polaris Switchback Assault has a dry weight of _212 KG OR 467 LBS
  • 2021 Ski-Doo Renegade (Sport 600 ACE) has a dry weight of 213 KG OR 469 LBS
  • 2021 Polaris Indy – 600 XC 137 has a dry weight of 210 KG OR 463 LBS

How Much a Touring Snowmobile Weighs

As the name suggests, touring snowmobiles are designed for touring – enjoyable and comfortable rides in the snow. As a result, they aren’t the fastest or most versatile in regards to suspension. They are also heavier since they have various accessories and space for gear to keep riders comfortable as they go for long trails. Here are some top 2021 touring snowmobiles today and their respective weight.

  • 2021 Ski-DOO Expedition-LE 900ACE has a dry weight of 290 KG OR 639 LBS
  • 2021 Polaris Titan (Adventure-155) has a dry weight of 298 KG OR 658 LBS
  • 2021 Ski-DOO Expedition-SWT 900-Ace Turbo has a dry weight of 315 KG OR 693 LBS

How Much Performance Snowmobiles Weigh

As the name suggests, these snowmobiles are all about performance. For this reason, they feature high-power engines to offer unmatched adrenaline. They also have superior suspension to cope with the high power. Performance snowmobiles are extremely fast and handle great when turning and riding the toughest routes.

Since weight compromises performance, most performance snowmobiles are relatively light. The snowmobiles that fall on the heavier side compensate with more power. Here are some top 2021 performance snowmobiles today and their respective weight.

  • 2021 Arctic Cat ZR-9000 Thundercat ES has a dry weight of 273 KG OR 603 LBS
  • 2021 Yamaha Sidewinder – SRX LE has a dry weight of 215 KG OR 475 LBS
  • 2021 Ski-Doo (MXZ X 850) has a dry weight of 214 KG OR 471 LBS

How Much a Mountain Snowmobile Weighs

Mountain snowmobiles are made to ascend mountains and scale slopes. They are designed with a mix of power and agility. Mountain snowmobiles will accelerate when needed and go uphill without falling over. The snowmobiles have great traction to handle climbing on fresh loose powder snow. The need for power supersedes speed.

Mountain snowmobiles may be slower, but they’ll take a rider to higher elevations when compared to other snowmobiles. The different needs call for different features, including different handlebars for better control when climbing. However, mountain snowmobiles are generally light to make climbing easier. Here are some top 2021 mountain snowmobiles today and their respective weight.

  • 2021 Arctic Cat M-8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One has a dry weight of 202 KG OR 446 LBS
  • 2021 Ski-Doo Summit -X 850 Turbo-175 has a dry weight of 215 KG OR 474 LBS
  • Polaris RMK-600 144 has a dry weight of 218 KG OR 480 LBS

How Much Crossover Snowmobiles Weigh

Crossovers have features of previous snowmobiles. They are a combination of many types, making them capable of handling multiple applications considerably well. For instance, they can act as mountain as well as performance snowmobiles. They can also ride for hours like touring snowmobiles. Versatility comes with unique requirements like power, handling, and amenities that obviously impact the weight. Crossover snowmobiles are mostly distinguishable by their ability to get the best out of everything, including weight. Here are some top 2021 crossover snowmobiles today and their respective weight.

  • 2021 Polaris 850 Switchback (Assault 144) has a dry weight of 212 KG OR 468 LB
  • 2020 Yamaha X TX-LE 146 has a dry weight of 215KG OR 475 LBS
  • 2021 Ski-Doo Backcountry-X RS has a dry weight of 214 KG OR 472 LBS

How Much Utility Snowmobiles Weigh

Utility snowmobiles are designed for working. They are less exciting than crossovers or performance snowmobiles and tend to have applications like carrying equipment around, towing stuck riders, and cargo, among other applications requiring heavy loads. While they lack playfulness, they compensate with practicality. Here are some top 2021 utility snowmobiles today and their respective weight.

  • 2021 Ski-Doo – Tundra LT 600 has a dry weight of 223 KG OR 491 LBS
  • 2021 Arctic Cat Norseman – X 8000 has a dry weight of 253.1 KG OR 558 LBS
  • 2021 Ski-Doo Skandic – WT 600 has a dry weight of 265 KG OR 583 LBS

Factoring in Fuel and Snow

The average snowmobile has a Fuel capacity of 12 gallons (45L). If we factor in that a gallon of gasoline weighs 6.1 lbs, then adding 12 gallons of gasoline adds 73.2 lbs to the weight of a machine.

Another factor that plays a large role in the machine’s weight is how much snow is stuck in the track. When I used to get stuck out on the lake in slush, I found it harder than ever to lift the track up. Filled up with wet snow, I easily added 80 lbs to the track.


As discussed above, the type of snowmobile largely dictates the weight. For instance, trail, performance, and crossover snowmobiles tend to be the lightest, while touring and utility snowmobiles are the heaviest. However, it is possible to find the same type of snowmobiles falling within different weight ranges. Generally, all snowmobiles fall within the 210 kg (463 lbs) and 300 kg (661 lbs) weight range.

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