Best Snowmobile Trails in Michigan

Snowmobile Trails in Michigan

DNR (Department of Natural Resources) maps show Michigan is home to 6,500 miles of groomed designated snowmobile trails. Michigan has four main snowmobiling regions, namely the Western Upper, Easter upper, Southern Lower, and Northern Lower Peninsula. While there are many Michigan snowmobile trails, some are better than others. Here are the best snowmobile trails in Michigan.

Marquette trails – 400+ miles of trails

Marquette hosts some of the best snowmobile trails in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for many reasons. Besides having excellent snow quality, Marquette has six perfectly groomed trails and lodging options near the trails. There’s also an abundance of fueling options for riders. With 400+ [] miles of snowmobile trails and many attractions that include but aren’t limited to Morgan Falls, Mount Marquette, and a sculpture park (Lakenenland), there many reasons for snowmobile riders to visit Marquette trails.

Munising trails – 300+ miles of trails

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula area is also home to Munising trails – a top winter snowmobile family gateway. There are ten trails in total covering over 300 miles and connecting to other notable trails like Marquette. The trails stand out for their incredible scenery of vast forestlands alongside fresh snow. However, there’s more to Munising than snowmobiling. The area has excellent lodges for riders who would want an extended winter family gateway.

Paradise trails – 200 miles

Every year, thousands flock to Paradise snowmobile trails in Michigan to ride the 200+ miles of trails. Paradise is the epicenter of the extensive upper Peninsula network of trails. The trails are well-groomed and marked, running towards Grand Marais and many other places in between. Paradise trails sit along a popular snowmobile route that offers riders direct access to Tahquamenon Falls. The frozen ice sculptures offer breathtaking views of the largest waterfall in the Upper Peninsula. Snowmobiling aside, the trails are adjacent to good food, gas, and accommodation.

Sault Ste. Marie – 100+ miles of snowmobile trails

Sault Ste. Marie snowmobile trails connect to many other trails in Michigan, such as Paradise and Newberry. The trails offer unforgettable upper Peninsular snowmobiling adventure, Sault Ste. Marie hosts Michigan’s premier snowmobile race dubbed International 500 every year. Riders participating in the International 500 race cover 500 miles on a one-mile track. This makes Sault Ste. Marie the perfect snowmobile destination in Michigan for riders looking for snowmobile racing adventure.

Lake Gogebic trails – 100s of miles of snowmobile trails

As the name suggests, these trails are located around lake Gogebic. The trails transverse through forests and offer 200+ inches of snow, guaranteeing powdery snow adventure. Lake Gogebic trails offer an all-around snowmobiling experience whether you are interested in family fun or a weekend gateway. In terms of geography, there’s everything from winding forest trails to scenic overlooks, lakes, swamps, hills, and logging roads all within a day’s ride.

Most importantly, there’s nowhere else you’ll find Michigan snowmobile trails with snow as white and pure as that in Gogebic trails. The trails are also perfectly groomed using world-class equipment, and riders have ample accommodation options to choose from.

Cadillac trails – 200 miles of groomed snowmobile trails

The Lower Peninsula is also home to some great snowmobile trails. Cadillac trails are vast, covering 200+ miles of intricate groomed trails connecting the north and south. The White Pine is among the notable Cadillac trails spanning 92 miles.

Cadillac offers guided snowmobile tours ideal for family fun. Riders can maintain a relaxed pace on the fully groomed trails through Osceola, Wexford, Manistee, and Benzie counties. Cadillac is also home to snowmobile events such as the snowmobile safety week that take place in January and an event in February dedicated to friends who would love some snowmobile fun together.

Allegan County trails – 98 miles

Allegan trails offer memorable lake-effect snowfall. Snowmobile riders love Allegan trails for their prime conditions as well as beauty. The scenery also stands out given Allegan’s historic streets. Snowmobile riders can also capitalize on the numerous snowmobile events hosted in Allegan Country yearly. The trails also offer great scenery, such as century-old buildings like Old Iron Bridge dating back to 1886.

Gaylord trails – Part of a network running 500+ miles

Gaylord is another great location for snowmobiling for many reasons. One, the 180+ inches of snow falling annually offer near-perfect snowmobile riding experiences anywhere in the U.S. What’s more, Gaylord has ample accommodation options allowing riders and their families to spend days snowmobiling on the trails.

Gaylord trails feature great infrastructure and connect to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula area allowing limitless exploration to trails and areas in the Lower Peninsula. Gaylord trails pass through farms, forest cover, and villages. Snowmobiles can venture up to downtown Gaylord and ride within the city at regulated speeds (10 miles per hour or slower).

Cheboygan trails – 500 miles

These lower Peninsular Michigan snowmobile trails are 500 miles in length. Cheboygan trails connect to other trails like Gaylord offering beautiful lake views and access to other trails and routes. Cheboygan trails are well-groomed and perfect for winter snowmobiling adventure for a wide variety of riders (beginners to advanced riders).

Cheboygan has more to offer besides snowmobiling. For instance, there is an indoor ice ring perfect for skating and hockey enthusiasts. Cheboygan is near the Black Mountain Recreational area. Besides offering great snowmobile trails, the area also has cross-country skiing trails making Cheboygan perfect for skiers and snowmobilers.

Sanilac County trails – 100 miles of trails

Sanilac trails feature 100 miles of perfectly groomed snowmobile trails on private property. Riders don’t need any snowmobile trail permits or passes to transverse the trails and all the scenic beauty they offer. Sanilac trails are home to an underwater preserve (Sanilac shores) and the famous Port Sanilac Lighthouse.


The above snowmobile trails in Michigan stand out the most for many reasons ranging from factors like length to unique scenery, great snow conditions, connections to other trails, accommodation options, and more. There may be other competing Michigan snowmobile trails. However, the above trails stand out the most.

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