Best Snowmobile Trails in Wisconsin

Snowmobile Trails in Wisconsin

The best and safest way to enjoy snowmobiles is to ride them on designated snowmobile trails. There are thousands of miles of Wisconsin snowmobile trails to explore. To venture into any trails or corridors in Wisconsin, you need to display a snowmobile trail pass and valid registration. However, there may be exemptions for individuals with have valid Wisconsin antique registration, temporary trail use, publicly owned snowmobiles, etc.

While you don’t require a trail pass to ride your snowmobile on private property or frozen water that isn’t a marked corridor, there is more fun in riding without limitations. Once you have all your requirements in check, it’s time to enjoy yourself. While there are thousands of miles of trails, some are better than others. Here are the top Wisconsin Snowmobile trails to consider.

Eagle River – 600 miles of trails

Eagle River is undoubtedly one of the select few snowmobile trails deserving of the title “snowmobile Capital”. While there are trails that have claimed the same title, Eagle River is undoubtedly deserving given the investment into the 600+ miles of groomed snow trails weaving through two counties (Oneida and Vilas), countless lakes, and a national forest (Nicolet National Forest).

Eagle River trails intersect with many others discussed here, like Three Lakes and St. Germain offering more adventure. Trails aside, Eagle River has other attractions to offer, such as an Ice Castle exhibit that happens every year. Huge ice blocks are extracted from the frozen lakes and curved into an ice castle visible down Eagle River’s trail no. 13. Eagle River is a must-visit for any snowmobile rider keen on enjoying the best that Wisconsin snowmobile trails have to offer.

Three Lakes – 186 miles of trails

Riders keen on passing through old-fashioned snowmobile trails will love Three Lakes. The trails are lit by antique lampposts offering a unique vintage charm. Most importantly, riders can enjoy overnight rides, bonfires, weenie roasts on Three Lake trails, weekly club rides, and more. The trails also feature restaurants, gift shops, a winery serving cranberry wine, and a petroleum Museum (Northwoods) featuring classic gas pumps and neon signs.

There are 28 lakes and trails running through frozen waterways, farmland, and heavily forested areas adding more fun to snowmobile rides. Three Lakes is highly recommended for riders interested in old-fashioned snowmobile riding fun and hospitality.

Minocqua Trails – 1,600 miles of trails

Minocqua is home to trails covering 1,600+ miles, 1,300 glacial lakes, and vast forestland (over 233,000 acres). The sheer size of Minocqua results in unmatched outdoor offerings. There is a lot to enjoy besides snowmobile rides. For instance, Minocqua is home to a century-old landmark – Thirsty Whale, with great food and beautiful views. Minocqua also has many camping cabins near the intricate network of trails for those who want to enjoy a local winter camping experience without sleeping in the snow.

Island Cove and The Beacons are great cabin camping spots within the Minocqua trails. Island Cover offers cabins with lakefront access. The cabins are located on main trails and offer all amenities imaginable. Beacons offers beautiful log cabins, condos among other types of accommodation.

St. Germain – 580+ miles of trails

Wisconsin is home to the snowmobile hall of fame situated in St. Germain. Riders wishing to go to the epicenter of snowmobiling should really consider St. Germain for a wanderlust experience. Events such as the Radar Run that happen every year allow snowmobile riders to cruise on a 1,000-foot track while being timed with a radar gun. If you wish to reach top speeds of 160 mph and more, where it matters, St. Germain is the place to be.

Thousands of snowmobilers from the U.S. and globally flock to St. Germain yearly to enjoy the legendary scenery, a snowmobile-culture, fastest timed snowmobile cruises, a hall of fame, and more. St. Germain even has a club ( Bo-Boen Snowmobile Club) whose membership is the ultimate St. Germain snowmobiling status symbol. The club’s 1100+ members and 100+ miles of trails make Bo-Boen one of the largest Wisconsin snowmobiling clubs. The club’s trail design and strict maintenance practices are second to none.

Boulder Junction – 130 miles of trails

Boulder junction offers 130 miles of snow trails and is renowned for its scenery. The no. 8 trail stands out for offering serene scenery. Snowmobile riders can stop and enjoy breathtaking views and spend time shopping for art in galleries. Boulder Junction also has cafes and restaurants with astounding views and tasty meals.

Boulder junction Wisconsin snowmobile trails offer many options. For instance, the eagle river loop allows riders to visit eagle river with many trail options, such as through St. Germain and Sayner. Riders can also follow the Iron County ride route that connects to 250+ miles of groomed trails and various routes to explore.

Bayfield – 600 miles of snowmobile trails

Bayfield snowmobile trails transverse over 400,000 acres of dense forest. Other notable things about the trails include L. Superior Scenic Byway, Ice Caves, a natural area (Moquah Barren). There are trails (31 & 40) going around the freshwater Lake Namakagon. Riders also have accommodation options in beautiful cabins such as North Country Vacation cabin rentals.

Bayfield trails offer the ultimate trail and family snowmobiling experiences. The area has won the best trail and best area for family snowmobiling categories. What’s more, there’s more than 600 miles of trails. Riders seeking adventure can venture into 1000+ miles of ungroomed forest road trails.

Marathon Country – 884 miles of groomed Wisconsin snowmobile trails

Marathon County’s snowmobile trails are best explored with a map showing everything, including on-trail lodging and parking and riding locations. The 800+ miles of groomed trails offer great adventure. Marathon Country also offers ample fun besides riding. For instance, music-loving riders can enjoy some liver Bluegrass music at Folk Farm’s Wild Woods Drive-In music concert that takes place two nights in September.

Marathon County also has bike races, and Iron Bull rail rides at Wausau between March and June. There are 29 clubs with hundreds of family members engaging in club functions, snowmobile-related social events, outings, local fundraisers, and other community functions.


There you go! We’ve discussed the best Wisconsin snowmobile trails in regards to every aspect, from the length of the trails to scenery, accommodation, membership, uniqueness, and more. While there are many other Wisconsin snowmobile trails that aren’t covered above, try the above trails first before seeking an unmatched snowmobiling experience elsewhere.

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